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We create
digital worlds

You have ideas, let's make them real

  • Design

    Enchant people.UX design, research, and testing, as well as any graphics you need.

  • Development

    Create a digital world. A full web or mobile app, or just the front-end or back-end.

  • Marketing

    Draw people in.Get a complete digital strategy, with social, PPC, SEO, analytics, and more.

  • Consulting and training

    Learn to succeed.DevOps, analytics, strategy, training, and more to help you work well.

Explore the uniqueness of our work

Finance software for Zaplo

Delivering this web app under an ambitious schedule proved that, by restructuring teams and making good technology choices, work can be done faster.

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iOS and web application for ElevateHD


Started as an MVP project, we helped ElevateHD find a viable business model, launched the product online, and became responsible for driving its innovation.

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Allianz — Online marketing


Since becoming the main marketing agency for Allianz’s Czech branch in 2016, we've become its trusted collaborator, working on a range of programatic (PPC, RTB), SEO, and Facebook campaigns.

BlueKit Blueberry project

Our in-house tool Bluekit lets React developers and visual designers see the UI components from their projects. It’s open-source and available to everyone.

Visit the BlueKit website
BlueKit — Elements library for developers
PPC Bee — PPC tool for online stores

PPC BeeBlueberry project

Started as a set of scripts, PPC Bee has grown into a first-class marketing tool with a strong team behind it and a user-centric focus.

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    Our company’s been operating for more than 9 years

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Oregon, USA

220 NW 8th Ave
Portland, OR 97209



Prague, Czech republic

Křížová 4, Praha 5
150 00

Novi Sad

Novi Sad, Serbia

Nikole Pašića 29, Novi Sad

We are proud of how we

  1. 1. Brief

    We are open to discussing your business. The first meeting helps both sides understand each other and set the right expectations.

  2. 2. Digital Strategy Consultation

    Before we start designing your product, it is extremely important for us to get familiar with your business idea. Furthermore, we will help you analyze your business environment and define your target audience. Based on the needs of your customers, we will propose an appropriate digital strategy that will fit your business. Before we move on, we will test our assumptions.

  3. 3. UX Design

    User-centered design is our path to digital excellence. Combining research, creative ideas and prototyping, we design a product based on real user insights and with clear KPIs.

    1. 3.1 Research

      No business plan survives first contact with customers. Understanding real people and their needs is at the core of what good design is built on. That is why basic assumptions need to be verified at the beginning. However, collecting continuous feedback is key for further improvement and allows us to respond flexibly to the users' needs. We see research as a process rather than a stage.

    2. 3.2 Ideation & Exploration

      Based on different types of research, we approach design challenges with the whole team from multiple perspectives. This helps us map out user behavior and understand it.

    3. 3.3 Prototype & Visual Design

      We start to sketch with pen and paper to capture our initial thoughts. We then convert these wireframes into a clickable prototype using various digital design tools. The prototype is used to test our ideas and assumptions in the real world. And finally, we prepare high fidelity visual design.

  4. 4. Agile Development

    We follow the Scrum agile development methodology. We work in short iterations called sprints. After each sprint, we deliver a working product with new features and present it to you.

    You are always in control of the development process and can make changes to the product as we go, and ultimately decide when the right time to launch is. While we build, we gather feedback from customers and make sure that we're developing the right product.

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