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About us

We're creating digital worlds and enjoying it. We develop successful mobile and web applications, create websites with captivating graphics, think up and manage effective online marketing campaigns that prosper. The portfolio of our services covers everything needed for success in an age of internet dominance. Our domain is hassle-free collaboration that leads to the realization of projects both large and small.

Our culture


A friendly atmosphere and casual environment

We're a group of friends with a common drive. Creating perfect digital works.


Opportunity for career growth

Are you a Ruby fan wondering what React can do? We'll send you to a training, make sure you're mentored by older colleagues. If you have drive, we'll be the last ones standing in your way.


A human approach from bosses

Our hierarchy is simple. We're a team, we pull together. Have a problem? Your boss is right within reach, ready to discuss and solve your problems.


Office environment

A pretty office isn't everything. Here you have a number of options that will brighten up your work day. Do you think better when standing? That's what our standing desks are for! And we have more goodies where that came from.

We're real people with a passion and love for the things we do

Company benefits


A company MacBook for devs and designers

You're not going to get frustrated with slow tech when working here.


Pet-friendly office

Your animal friend is welcome here!


Fresh fruit

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Here, your needed vitamins and nutrients are right within reach.


We match 1% of your salary

Helping the less fortunate isn't just an empty phrase. You get to choose who we send our money to. Helping does make a difference.


Play room/relax room

A pingpong table, foosball, TRX, sofas, and comfy pillows. We take care to make you feel good and rested.


Work from home

Sick child? Or maybe sick fish? When you need to, you can work from home. We're a digital company, we can communicate online.


Sweets and snacks

If you ever get a sweet tooth, you can get rid of your munchies for five crowns in our charming snack area.


Regular teambuilding events

Friendship and good relationships are our biggest asset. Live through some real adventures with us on a vacation in Italy or playing paintball in Prague.



You're not lazing around and you're continually deepening your knowledge? Here, you get enough space for that.

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