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2017 - současnost

Betting on React Native for a state-of-the-art mobile experience

Illustration of Addison Global's MoPlay betting app
Illustration of Addison Global's MoPlay betting app

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03platformy: Android/iOS/Web

Addison Global is a company focused on building a truly mobile betting and gaming experience. While it was founded recently, it’s led by top professionals in the industry.

The goal

Addison Global wanted to bring a first-rate mobile betting app to market effectively.

We set out to a native cross-platform mobile and web app with React Native.

The goal
The goal

… so what’s the best process for making a top-notch React Native app?

Introduce areliable software stack

Having been working with React Native from early 2016, the technologies we’ve chosen were based on years of experience:

React Native logoJest logoStorybook logoLerna logoAppium and perfecto logoLottie logoRedux logoFlow logoReact Router logoReselect logoESlint logoi18Next logoReact navigation logoReact Native Web logo

Scrum teams

With experienced teams and a free flow of information, our teams were working like a well-oiled machine. We owe this to three key factors:

01 Coordinated teams that work efficiently

02 A time-tested Scrum process allowing changes throughout the process

03 Knowledge sharing ensuring anyone can pick up any task

Build effectively,optimize for native

You save time on maintenance, but don’t compromise on a native experience

Venn diagram of time saved with React Native across web, iOS and Android

Test thoroughly,maximize quality

To keep the quality level as high as possible while working at breakneck speed, we created a thorough and complex set of tests:

Unit test illustration


Unit tests + code coverage

to test a wide range of cases for every piece of the code

Mobile device farm illustration


Automated integration tests

that test the UI on emulators and on a mobile device farm

Testing on iOS


Manual testing

by QA engineers checking corner cases and making sure requirements are met

Automate releases forindividual platforms

Automated releases for React Native on multiple platforms were a challenge to set up.
However, they saved many hours in the long run. The automated pipeline looks like this:


in a Git repository


02Build in a macOS VM,
as close to dev setup as possible


03Sign the build
using the app signing key


04Distribute internally
and externally

Addison MoPlay screenshots

We shook up the industry with anapp for the world

It just launched, so this is only the start of something bigger.

Apple Store

Let's makethe next
big thing.

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