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In 2016, Allianz’s Czech branch chose Blueberry to provide marketing services for them. Since that time, Blueberry has become a trusted collaborator, working on a range of programatic (PPC, RTB), SEO, and Facebook campaigns. In one year, it’s managed to raise conversions on travel and car insurance by 33%.


Allianz je největší pojišťovnou na světě, která působí ve více než 70 zemích a slouží více než 80 milionům lidí. Jeho česká pobočka je třetím největším pojistitelem v ČR a poskytuje pojištění více než 700 000 obyvatelům.



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Vdechnutí života marketingového přístupu

Po měsících spolupráce se dvěma marketingovými agenturami, jež měly na starosti marketingové disciplíny (PPC, SEO, sociální sítě a další dispciplíny) se česká pobočka Allianz rozhodla práci na marketingových aktivitách sjednotit. Kapacity nebyly využívány efektivně, práce se stala rutinou a agentury nebyly tak flexibilní, jak by si Allianz přála. Vzhledem k délce spolupráce se tedy Allianz rozhodla udělat si představu o způsobu práce konkurenčních marketingových agentur. Cílem bylo najít jednu agenturu pro všechny své marketingové aktivity - takovou, která by fungovala efektivně a s novým zápalem pro věc.

marketingového přístupu

Getting to know each other

In the tender that followed, Blueberry was selected as up to the task.

As Allianz and Blueberry started working together, new processes had to be established. Weekly in-person status meetings were set up and a yearly success fee formed the backbone of the collaboration. The first year focused on increasing travel and car insurance conversions. Smaller projects involved various PPC, RTB, SEO, and analytics tasks, as well as Facebook campaigns.

What made an impression on us was that Blueberry looked at things in a more complex way and even wanted to work with the content of the website, so that we could move in an optimal direction towards results that are important to us.

Ondřej Fronček, Online Marketing Specialist

Collaborating like clockwork

Blueberry dokázala naplnit potřebu větší When a task needed to be done quickly, the necessary amount of time would be allocated to ensure this. And as a full-service agency, Blueberry could provide services outside the realm of marketing, such as graphic design, when it was needed, and frequent communication kept things in check. As a result, Blueberry became a valued partner, and has been both consulting for Allianz on marketing issues and taking part in strategic discussions.

To me, Karel Parizek’s approach and vision is what I value the most. He has this complex view on a problem and approaches it as a whole. He can think about activities from a broader viewpoint… I consider Karel as a key player in my mental preparation. Sometimes these decisions are pretty big and I’m glad that I have someone to sit down with and say: ’Is this the best solution possible?’

Ondřej Fronček, Online Marketing Specialist

Celebratingthe numbers

Blueberry was able to cover all of Allianz’s marketing needs, as well as have a more flexible, human approach that was previously missing. This translated to concrete numbers. In the first year of working together, Blueberry:

  • Reached the highest possible bonus allowed by the success fee, raising conversions by 33%

  • Increased car and travel insurance sales by 43% through PPC activities

  • Increased return on ad spend by 19%

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