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Českomoravský beton

2016 - now

A marketing mix for building a wide audience

Illustration of social media posts
Illustration of social media posts

05Blueberry members on the job

03years meeting KPIs

04social profiles + PPC campaigns

Českomoravský beton, a subsidiary of Českomoravský cement, part of the strong international group HeidelbergCement, is among the leading manufacturers of cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates in the Czech Republic.

The goal

Českomoravský beton had a clear vision, but efforts to fulfil it were falling short.

We created a complex marketing mix to make this vision real.

The goal
… but how do you sell concrete

… but how do you sell concrete?

Tie different platforms together with aunifying theme

After thorough research, the audience was defined as architects, developers, builders, and implementation companies. We used the theme "advisers" to tie these groups together.

The advisers theme in a Českomoravský beton Facebook postThe advisers theme in a Českomoravský beton Facebook postThe advisers theme in a Beton University Facebook postThe advisers theme in a Betonoviny Facebook post

Reach different target groupswith tailored communication

Reach: 40,154A Českomoravský beton Facebook post reaching 40,154 people

Českomoravský beton

News about the company, its products and its projects.

  • Succinct
Reactions: 1,364A Betonoviny Facebook post with 1,364 reactions


News from the world of cement

  • Tabloids
  • Gifs
  • Videos
A popular Beton University Facebook post

Beton University

Building-related tutorials and promoted seminars

  • educational
  • insructive
A popular Betonews Instagram post


Raising awereness among youth on Instagram

  • construction sites
  • architecture

Increase interest usingtargeted advertising

As part of its mentoring activities, Beton University organized seminars around the Czech Republic. To boost attendance, we set up paid campaigns for each one, resulting in an unprecedented level of participation.

Visits (all users)Visits (paid)
Graph of paid and total visits to Beton University over two years

Peaks denote each seminar held

Posts from Českomoravský beton over time
Posts from Českomoravský beton over time
Posts from Českomoravský beton over time

Make surecampaigns stay fresh

To keep our audience, we needed to make sure our content was always new and original.

We were able togrow the FB fanbase by390 %

Českomoravský beton gained 5,808 fans organically, increased traffic by 73%, and was reaching around 500,000 people monthly on Facebook alone. This, along with other online and offline activities, led to all-time high interest, with 3,324 new seminar attendees since 2016.

Beton UniversityBetonovinyČeskomoravský beton
Graph of Českomoravský beton's Facebook fanbase growth over two years

“Blueberry—its team is a reliable and professional partner for our company. In the digital marketing field, we successfully developed and continue to foster communication on new media—social networks. A big positive is being able to inform the Czech market not only about news, innovative materials, and reference buildings, but especially about the visions and activities of the Českomoravský beton group in the country.”

Ing. Jan Veselý
Ing. Jan VeselýMarketing Manager, Českomoravský beton

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