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ElevateHD is a service that provides affordable home design to its users. While we were first called on only to create a minimum viable product for ElevateHD, our collaboration grew deeper as we helped identify a viable business model, brought the product to the web, and ultimately became responsible for the entire product.


ElevateHD—Elevate Home Design allows users to quickly and cost-effectively design their own homes. It’s available on both iOS and the web. The service is offered to the end-customer segment, but also exists as a licensed solution for B2B to improve online conversion rate and enhance the shopping experience for the customer.

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  • 2

    2 years and going

  • Web app front-end

  • Web app back-end

  • UX design

  • Visual design

  • Digital strategy

  • iOS app

elevateHD — web app design
Interior Design Website

It started with a vision

Our client came to us with an ambitious idea—a fast and affordable interior design service without the inefficiencies of in-person consultations. The client asked us, the developers behind the project, to validate his business idea.

Changing business to suit the market

To test the client’s vision, we created a solid MVP iOS app. Results after testing showed a need for a restructuring of the business concept, and our cooperation with the client shifted to a higher level.

Our team helped shift focus from a B2C-only solution to both a B2C and B2B platform and brought the app to the web to reach a wider audience. Blueberry is now responsible for product management of the whole platform and drives innovation behind the product.

Both a B2C and B2B web app

Technology highlights

  • React

  • Ruby on Rails

  • AngularJS

  • RubyMotion

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