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itSounds website design


itSOUNDS is a maker of high-end speakers. The task they called on us for was bringing the company’s online presence in line with its brand identity. Our web redesign not only matched the brand’s high-end nature, but was able to evoke the mysterious charm of listening to music with considered animations and interaction tweaks.


itSOUNDS creates high-end design speakers. The brand insists on the highest quality listening experience and displays love for a colorful music experience, special moments, and a feeling of connection. They allow no compromise in construction quality and product design behind such values.

it SOUNDS logo


  • 330 hours
  • Digital strategy
  • Web development
  • Visual design
itSOUNDS’s old website redesign

Approaching awebsite redesign

The brief for the project was to redesign itSOUNDS’s old website, which was of a low standard and simply didn’t represent the image of a luxury brand. Our mission was to create a new one reflecting not only the quality and technology of its high-end products, but also its brand personality and spirit.


Stayingtrue to the brand

We started with a deep understanding of the itSOUNDS brand, with thorough input from the owner. We extended their brand identity to be able to communicate the spirit and the essence of itSOUNDS, both visually and in writing. The web development phase followed, resulting in a responsive website focused on imagery, emotion, and the secrets connected with the brand.

saxy Sounds websiteMultilayer cabinet

Technology highlights

  • Sass
  • Ruby on Rails
  • inVision
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