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PPC Bee — automation of pay-per-click product campaigns


PPC Bee is a tool for the automation of pay-per-click product campaigns for online stores. Started outside Blueberry as a set of scripts, we grew it into a capable system with a strong team behind it and a user-centric focus.

From script toweb app

Managing PPC campaigns at his former job made one of our key programmers, Ondřej Bartas, realize that some of the work he was doing could be automated. He initially wrote a script for himself, but soon realized its potential and joined up with a friend to start selling it. They worked in their spare time, rearchitecturing the product, adding a front-end, and gaining multiple clients. However, it was hard to use and work in two was proving to be tiresome.

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Who’s using PPC Bee

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From small shop to PPC titan

When Bartas joined Blueberry, the company’s leadership decided that they want the project to thrive, investing heavily in the project. Blueberry provided more development power, designers, and marketing specialists. Most importantly, PPC Bee was assigned a product manager to manage the project, letting Bartas act as a supervisor and devote time to what he enjoys most.

With the goal to present the project at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015, development was accelerated and user experience became a major focus. After a complete redesign of the core, PPC Bee became not only more usable, but also far more scalable, paving the way for the product to grow much faster. We switched PPC Bee to a SaaS business model, giving us a more stable source of funding and allowing us to focus on our clients’ needs. Today, PPC Bee maintains its focus on user experience and has a clientele that operates all around Europe.

Technology highlights

  • Ruby

  • Rails

  • Redis

  • Elasticsearch

  • PostgreSQL

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