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The complete redesign of the TAYLLORCOX website


The complete redesign of the Tayllor & Cox website was a thorough yet rewarding task for us. We’re quite proud of the meticulously optimized buying process and the more effective homepage, but also of the custom-made CMS we createdin the process, making it easy and efficient to administer the complex website.




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    4 months of development
  • Agile development
  • Change development
TAYLLORCOX website preview

Planning awebsite overhaul

Tayllor & Cox set a clear goal to create a number one website, representing its dominance and excellence in the market. The client faced many challenges with its robust and complex web presentation. There was no mobile optimization, it was difficult and time consuming to load web content, there was a low rate of online conversions, and the site did not reflect the profile of the most frequent customers enough. Above all, the client wanted to improve the level of automation in the buying process online -- i.e. reduce assistance needed by customer support in the order form process.

Crafting afirst-class experience

The project started with analysis of the website, especially focused on the buying process and its weak spots. We also gathered information about customer profiles and did competitor research. After this phase, we started with prototyping the website with respect to key findings about the needs of customers. Findings were reflected in the homepage design to bring important touchpoints to the front. and in the right order.

Special care was taken with regards to the buying process, where we got through many rounds of iteration and user testing. Innovated backend includes custom made CMS with improved UX and functionality enabling anybody to work with it, ensuring consistency of content design on the website. The backend is connected to and automated email templates system. In general, we have delivered an innovative website with improved usability and higher online conversion potential and the backend easy to maintain, with automated buying process features.

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