is a web application we made for 4finance, a leading consumer finance company. It allows people to get a loan quickly. In creating it, we not only showed how work could be completed more efficiently, but also how to communicate effectively and structure code better, setting an example for other 4finance projects to follow.

The Client

4Finance is a global leader in digital consumer finance, using cutting-edge technology and data to offer fast and convenient loans to customers around the world.


  • 4

    4 months

  • Web app front-end

  • Change development

The challenge

The client came to us to solve a recurring problem: the development process behind software releases was taking too long. We were tasked with developing a solution as a proof-of-concept of our new approach.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of existing 4finance projects and concluded that two main factors were to blame: it was taking too long to make the front-end for websites and it was hard to find developers experienced in the technological framework that was being used.

Our solution

To speed up front-end development, we worked alongside the 4finance team to deeply understand the problem, the product, and the people. This investigation lead us to reorganize the multidisciplinary development teams, which improved the communication between back-end and front-end developers, thus reducing the time needed to complete the process.

Taking into account the need for more skilled developers, we researched and selected React.js as the best platform. Besides bringing in more development power, React.js allowed us to reuse more code, significantly reducing development time.

The project was a resounding success. demonstrated how work could be completed more efficiently, created better communication, and improved code structure — setting a precedent for their future projects.

Technology highlights

  • React

  • es6

    ECMAScript 2015

  • contentful-dark-1a51a42b

    Contentful CMS

  • Group


  • nightwatch


  • translation-server

    Translation server

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