How wecreate digital worlds

We develop



We make both entire apps (back-end and front-end) and standalone back-ends (the parts of an app that the user doesn’t see). Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Elixir work well for us, but we aren’t strangers to other technologies.

Developing with love


If you just need a different UI, we can make a website or a native mobile app on top of your existing back-end. React and React Native are our bread-and-butter, but we'll use whatever is most suitable for our projects.

Pixel-perfect perfectionists

We design

Interaction design

Driven by design, we put user experience above everything. Our design is informed by research, tested using prototypes, and iteratively improved based on analytics and user testing.

Graphic design

In terms of graphic design, we do a lot - from UI to branding to marketing materials. Designing your brand from scratch is not a problem for us.

Invetive solutions

We love
digital marketing

Our marketing campaigns are punchy, clever, and rich. You’ll get whatever your product needs to enchant people, be it social media, PPC (AdWords, Sklik, Yandex, Bing, Facebook), SEO, and analytics. We can work out a complete digital strategy for you or align with your existing one. To make your campaign successful, we’ll track its progress and optimize for success. Ready to join in at any point, we can start with a detailed strategy, including deep analyses, run performance, or brand/product awareness campaigns, or finish it with reporting afterward.