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One team for UX/UI, full-stack development on both web and mobile, DevOps, online marketing, and training. One responsibility for your budget, safety and delivery.

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Full house of talented people

Unlimited scalability for all kind of projects, ready for a massive boost in development to meet aggresive deadlines. Anytime.

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It’s all about people who love what they do

A lot of experience in delivering worldwide and managing international teams. As renowned experts, we share what we know with you, your team, and the community.

Organizing expert - led events like LamdbUp and Blueberry MeetUps

Buiding apps from scrath to dispatch

Front-ends are our game, but we score well on back-ends, too with NodeJS and Elixir. SCRUM sprints give you a finished piece of product every 14 days, making projects much faster and more effective.

End to End testing, including automated tests, ensures everything works 100%.

Buiding apps from scrath to dispatch

We know React inside and out

React, our weapon of choice, is taking today’s front-end world by storm. It’s developed by Facebook and used by big players like Uber and AirBnb.

We have worked with React since the beginning. We helped build it with our own contributions to the code.

Buiding apps from scrath to dispatch

Next generation mobile apps

React Native is one of the latest and most progressive technologies. We are one of the few who specialize in it, but we work in native technologies too.

Using the same code for Android and iOS saves up to 80 % of your budget.

Next generation mobile apps

DevOps for continuous delivery

Our idea of a full-service goes so far that we have our own DevOps team. A delivery pipeline is set up for smooth release of your project.

We optimize your set - up for scalability and 24/7 availability. Your apps will never fail.

DevOps for continuous delivery

Take a look at our successful apps

App for CEMEX. A global app that would offer its customers in 32 countries around the world a suite of services to effectively manage their orders.

How we made a dent in the construction industry

  • 26Blueberry members on the job
  • 32countries to release in
  • 01global web app
View case study
Finance software for Zaplo

Lending a hand with a large reorg

  • 04months
  • 05teams across 5 countries
  • 01effective reorganization
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and many more


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