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Why chooseAWS for your organization

  • Designing and setting up infrastructure.
  • Migrating your current infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs and issues and increase agility with serverless computing.
Amazon web services

You will specifically get

Automation processes to reduce cost and issues.

Scaling of the infrastructure with respect to your business growth

Guaranteed security - performing penetration testing, compliance testing, audits.

Catching issues early with continuous integration and deployment.

24/7 availability, thanks to duplicating critical parts of your infrastructure.

We have the following AWS certifications - Developer, Solution Architect, SysOps Administrator.

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Case study: EchoServerless backend for a mobile app

  • 3 identical environments (dev, stage, production).
  • Releasing both the infrastructure and product at the same time.
  • Fully automated delivery of infrastructure changes.
  • Infrastructure as code approach.
  • More than 300 integration tests.
  • Complete serverless architecture.
  • Using AWS services such as DynamoDB, DynamoDB Streams, Lambda, SNS, SQS, Cognito, API Gateway, X-Ray, and others...
AWS graph workflow
AWS graph workflow

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