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Our Elixir back-ends make apps blazing fast

Invincible back-ends

If you need to process data quickly and reliably, Elixir and its framework Phoenix are the technologies to use. Built for concurrency, these back-ends can serve millions at top speed.

Invincible back-ends

Quality guaranteed

Our QA process is built to be thorough. With years of experience making back-ends, we know exactly what to look for. Automated tests as well as our dedicated QA team catch bugs before they cause problems.

Quality guaranteed

Back-ends that run 24/7

Lightning speed

With Elixir, back-ends respond in microseconds, not milliseconds. Your users will be delighted as they use your app.


Elixir was built for concurrency. Talking to millions of users at once isn’t a problem. In fact, WhatsApp is using it for just that.

No shutdowns

Elixir supports “hot swapping”—changing code while the back-end is running. If your users need your back-end to run at all times, you’ll be able to meet their needs.

99.9999999% reliability

Elixir runs on top of the Erlang VM. It has a rare “nine nines“ reliability score—less than a second of downtime every 30 years. That’s why Ericsson relies on it for its telecommunication systems.

Technology with a future

Built on strong roots

Built on strong roots

While Elixir was released in 2011, the Erlang VM it runs on is over 20 years old. It’s reliably kept Goldman Sachs’s trading platform running at all times and ensured T-Mobile’s SMSs get to recipients right away.

Used by large players

Used by large players

Elixir keeps Pinterest fast and responsive. It gets WhatsApp messages to its billion plus users on time. It lets millions of sports fans collaborate on Bleacher Report in real time. Moz, Discord, and many others also rely upon it every day.

Thriving community

Thriving community

Elixir and its Phoenix framework have a strong following. There were at least 10 large conferences and over 200 Elixir meetups held worldwide in 2017. And it was the 7th most loved language in Stack Overflow’s 2017 survey.

We do everything to meet your needs

360° service

Need a front-end as well? DevOps? A team to lend? Or just training? Let us know what your needs are.

Stay informed

We'll fly to you to meet you in person and always keep you informed. You’ll be able to make changes as we build.

Get corporate needs met

With a rich history of working with corporate clients around the world, we know exactly how to get your business needs met.

Explore our Elixir history

PPC Bee — PPC tool for online stores

Making the queen of PPC tools

  • 10years and going
  • 22million ad texts by clients
  • 01leading PPC app
Hana Habermannová
Hana HabermannováPPC Bee CEO


LambdUp – our functional programming meetup

We organized LambdUp, a unique event in Prague about functional programming. It included talks by key members of the Elixir community.

More about LambdUp

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