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Our native mobile apps make you stand out

Unparalleled experience

Our through design process, knowledge of iOS and Android patterns, fully native platform-specific code, and our goal-oriented mindset all come together to make your app shine.

Fully native platform-specific code and goal-oriented iOS and Android apps

You’re part of the team

You’ll stay on top of things and hear about every milestone. Our agile workflow allows you to make changes as you see the app being put together.

iOS and Android apps - agile workflow

Native languages for an optimized experience

As first-class languages officially backed by Apple and Google, Swift, Java and Kotlin are proven languages that you can rely on.

By integrating with any native library, they can cover any and all your functionality needs.

They can be combined with React Native to get the best of both worlds—cost-efective, yet optimized.

Native languages for an optimized experience

Quality guaranteed

Module testing

With easy-to-test code and dependency injection using Dagger and Cleanse, bugs are caught early.

End-to-end tests

With continuous delivery, your app is automatically tested with every change in code, making sure it keeps working.

Thorough vetting

After each task, a QA expert looks through the result. Errors are found and fixed right away.

You getall that you need

In addition to development, you can get anything you need to get your app made and to keep it running smoothly.

Thorough design

for the best user experience

Effective automation (DevOps)

for an easy release process

Extensive QA

that guarantees quality

Mobile analytics

to help you reach your goals

Code made to last

Your app's code will be fully native—Swift or Objective-C on iOS, Java or Kotlin on Android. The MVVM architecture we follow and the tools we use guarantee that code is always:

easy to extend
built on supported technologies
quick for a new dev to pick up
but always tested first
built for thorough testing

We have a history of success



Aleš Pilný
Aleš PilnýProduct manager

"In the 2 years we've worked together, Blueberry helped us build a website, a CMS system, a GDPR audit app, and more. We had an MVP for the mobile app in a few weeks and could make changes as we went. The result went above and beyond our expectations!"

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Scrum Space
Scrum Space

Scrum Space

As we have team members all across the galaxy and work planning started to be a little bit complicated, we decided to build own application, Scrum Space, which is helping us with sprint planning and retrospectives in the simplest and most beautiful way there is. A launch is planned soon.

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