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Our React front-ends let you progress faster

React is our tech

React is the main technology we use to write front-ends. Many of our projects are in React, we contribute to the open-source community, and give lectures on it, too. With our years of experience, your web app can shine.

React is our tech

React is effective

React and related tools have a number of advantages that allow you to build a complex interactive app quickly and reuse code easily. By using the right technologies, your app will be done much sooner.

React is effective

We make sure you stay involved

Make tweaks as we build

Our agile workflow allows you to make changes to the design as you see the app being put together.

Stay informed

We'll fly out to meet you and will make sure you’re well-informed throughout the entire process.

Get corporate needs met

With a rich history of working with corporate clients worldwide, we know how to get your business needs met.

Our testing guarantees quality

Easy-to-test code

Pieces of the code are run through unit tests to make sure they’re working.

Automated testing

After every change in code, the entire app is tested. Cypress, a testing tool, makes this process fast and stable.

Thorough vetting

After each task, a QA expert looks through the result. Errors are found and fixed right away.

We've been with React for years

March 2013

React is released.

Late 2014

Our first React experiment, a calculator component for a web app, makes our life much easier.

February 2015

After a great first experience, we start working on our first full-fledged React front-end for ZaploDK. Most of our front-end team get to work on it and we all soon fall in love with React.

June 2015

ZaploDK, our first React app, is released!

July 2015

React Europe in Paris—at this point, we know we’re going to be using React as our main tech.

September 2015

React Native starts supporting Android in addition to iOS. One can finally use it to make cross-platform apps.

January 2016

Curious about this cutting-edge technology, we start building our first mobile app in React Native.

January 2016

Lukáš Voda gives our first workshop on React—a 2-day course for 20 people in Riga.

May 2016

After weeks of internal use and tweaking, we release BlueKit, an open-source project for managing React components.

June 2016

We hold a meet-up about React Native to share our semester of experiences. For a young technology, it works surprisingly well.

February 2017

Our first TypeScript project. We acquire a taste for statically-typed JS.

March 2017

Avast asks us to train them in building a React stack.
Our first tailored training is led by A. Hackenberg and O. Bartas.

React keeps getting better, and we keep learning.

We have a great track record

iOS and web application for ElevateHD

Taking home design affordability to another level

  • 03years and going
  • 96hours or less per design
  • 01huge shift in digital strategy
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Finance software for Zaplo

Lending a hand with a large reorg

  • 04months
  • 05teams across 5 countries
  • 01effective reorganization
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