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Our React training
sets you up for success

Steer clear of mistakes

React might seem like a jungle to you, and making the wrong choices could be costly. We’ve been working with React since 2014, so we can guide you through it.You won’t have to spend mandays toiling away because of React’s flaws.

Steer clear of mistakes
Learn from experts

As React is our main front-end technology, every member on our front-end team knows how to work with it. You’ll be taught by one of our senior-level experts, who’ve been working with React for years. You’ll get priceless insights that come from real-life experience.

Learn from experts
Get react training now
React training

Custom-madeto suit your needs

Based on skill

We evaluate your team’s skills and see what level you are at and what you might still need to learn.

Meets your schedule

Pick a date and we’ll do our best to meet it.

Complex approach

The topics you’ll learn about will be based on your needs. We can cover all that your project requires, including Redux, code quality, project structure, testing, and JavaScript itself.

maximize learning

Designed for you

After we evaluate your skill level, we tailor the course to you. We can start at the beginning with JavaScript or cover clever hacks only experts will run into.

Focus on practice

A workshop lasts a day or more, organized into small blocks of short lectures and practice. You’ll learn effectively by applying new information right away.

Consultation afterward

It’s one thing to learn, another to use it in real life. You’ll stay in touch with us after the course and consult us if you need help.

Marek Beneš, Avast

“Tonda and Ondra prepared an informationally dense, but also very practical training for us. Theoretical blocks were supported with practical examples right after, and as a result, we wrote quite a lot of code. The guys helped us to set a direction and saved us from many bad decisions that we would definitely make as front-end beginners.”
Marek Beneš
Marek BenešAvast

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