Our work

iOS and web application


While we were first called on only to create a minimum viable product for elevateHD, our collaboration grew deeper as we helped find and apply a viable business model, brought the product to the web, and ultimately became responsible for the entire product.

Global consumer finance


With the Zaplo.dk project, we were tasked with figuring out how to make software releases faster for 4finance, a leading global digital consumer finance company. We not only showed how work could be done more efficiently, but also how to communicate effectively and structure code better, setting an example for their other projects to follow.

Dog food service

Meat & Bones

Meat & Bones has a special place in our hearts. We’ve been there since its inception, figuring out whether there is enough demand for such a service, and made it grow into the service it is today, using our design, development, and marketing expertise to create something delightful.

Premium design speakers


With itSOUNDS, our task was to bring the company’s online presence in line with its brand identity. Our web redesign not only matched the brand’s high-end nature, but was able to evoke the mysterious charm of listening to music with considered animations and interaction tweaks.

Elements library for developers


BlueKit is our tool for automatically generating a component library from React component files. It offers a visual overview of all components and their props, which is a need for both developers and designers alike. Most importantly, it’s open-source, so anyone can use it.

PPC tool for online stores


PPC Bee is a tool for the automation of pay-per-click product campaigns for online stores. Started outside Blueberry as a set of scripts, we grew it into a capable system with a strong team behind it and a user-centric focus.

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